New York Times bestselling author Janice Kaplan joins with renowned academic Barnaby Marsh to create a new science of luck. Together they prove that you can be luckier than you ever imagined in work, love and everyday life

After spending a year living gratefully for The Gratitude Diaries, Janice Kaplan is back to tackle another big, mysterious influence in all our lives: luck. And this time she's joined on her journey by Dr. Barnaby Marsh, a former Rhodes Scholar who guides her exploration from his Luck Lab at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study.

Together, they show how recognizing opportunities and changing your attitude can start to create a luckier life. They discover that luck is at the intersection of talent and hard work, and they reveal the simple techniques to create luck in love and marriage, business and career, health, and family . Using original research and fascinating studies, they offer breakthrough insights on how all of us—from CEOs to stay-at-home moms--can tip the scales of fortune in our favor.

Through a mix of scientific research, interviews with famous and successful people, and powerful narrative, How Luck Happens uncovers a fascinating subject in accessible and entertaining style.

With warmth, humor, and appealing

insight, Janice and Barnaby's journey will

empower readers to think positively and

start living their luckiest year ever.


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